This is an innovative new product which greatly improves the stability of ladders in use.

There are on average 50 deaths and 8,500 serious accidents involving the use of ladders each year in the UK.

Dont let yourself or one of your employees be one of them.


The Ladder-genie is designed to improve the safety of the ladder, when used between the recommended safety angles of the ladder – between 65º and 75º. Any use outside these recommended angles are not advisable.


  • No time wasted on assembly
  • No time wasted on dismantling
  • 5 easy steps enables use in seconds
  • Saves money on employees footing the ladder
  • Weight – approx. 5kg
  • Easy and light to store and carry
  • Galvanized & Powder Coat Finish to ensure durability & Prevent Rusting


Don’t fall for anything else!

Patent No. 140229-7